Two Rows Make a White Poster

Two Rows Make a White

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re all about harmony here at Harbor Ridge and many of our wine label names reflect this.

Take Two Rows Make a White: this light, semi-sweet white wine is a blend of two very different types of grapes, Vidal Blanc and Gewurtztraminer. Vidal Blanc is known as a tart, yet fruity grape, while Gewurtraminer is quite sweet and often spicy.

 At first glance, one would probably question the pairing of these two, but just like the phrase, “Opposites attract,” it turns out that Two Rows Make a White is a match made in heaven.

 We sell unframed prints of our Two Rows Make a White wine label. Print size is 18 x 24; fits any 18 x 24 frame.