Gimme One Good Riesling Poster

Gimme One Good Reisling

Legend has it that at one time our little winery was featuring four, yes, four different Rieslings. They ranged from dry to very sweet. To say it was a confusing time for both our staff and our customers is putting it mildly!

One night after we had closed, Denny sat down with the staff to figure out how we could narrow down the number of Rieslings on the menu to one. Well, it was a long night; we tasted and tasted, and then tasted again. One was too sweet; the next was too dry; another was too tart. You get the picture. Finally, after going round and round, but no decision in sight, Denny spoke up: “Doggone it. We’re not getting anywhere. All I want is One Good Riesling!” 

From that one statement a totally new Riesling was born, this time including all the best features of the 4: nicely balanced between dry and sweet, refreshingly and lightly tart and by all accounts, the most popular Riesling you’ll find in Door County. Once you taste Gimme One Good Riesling you’ll agree; the name says it all.

We sell unframed prints of our Gimme One Good Riesling wine label. Print size is 18 x 24; fits any 18 x 24 frame.