Crimes Against Vines Poster

Crimes Against Vines

After they are first planted, grapevines typically take 4–5 years to yield a decent harvest. Those early years of tending, trimming and protecting the new vines require a lot of TLC and even more patience. In fact, most of what grows during those first few years gets cut down to encourage new and stronger vines to thrive. 

With all the cutting and pruning going on during the early years they actually resembled a crime scene more than grapevines. It became a running joke that when we went outside for a trimming session we were committing crimes against those lovely vines. All we needed was some yellow tape to complete the scene.

Once you taste this semi-sweet red wine, however, you’ll surely agree that it would be a crime to pass it up. This lovely blend combines Marquette grapes (from our vineyard), Cabernet Franc grapes and sweet Door County cherries, and is absolutely delicious!

We sell unframed prints of our Crimes Against Vines wine label. Print size is 18 x 24; fits any 18 x 24 frame.