Carmen's Last Dance Poster

Carnen’s Last Dance

Anyone who has visited our winery a time or two has probably noticed how the radio station, Margaritaville, is always playing a Jimmy Buffett song in the background. One of Denny’s favorite songs is “They Don’t Dance Like Carmen no More,” which was written in honor of the late, great Carmen Miranda. She had an exuberant and colorful style all her own which frankly, one doesn’t see in entertainers nowadays. 

So too, our Concord grape wine, Carmen’s Last Dance. It is sweet, yet zesty, and has developed a gigantic fan base, just like Carmen Miranda did in her day. Why, we’ve seen perfectly calm and sedate customers literally jump up and start to rumba around the winery after having taken a sip of this lively concoction!

Carmen’s Last Dance is versatile too, just like her namesake. She makes a refreshing spritzer and granita, but best of all, a marvelous sangria. In fact, “Sangria del Carmen” has become so popular with customers that some of the local Door County restaurants are featuring it on their menus.

Check her out….cha cha cha!

We sell unframed prints of our Carmen's Last Dance wine label. Print size is 18 x 24; fits any 18 x 24 frame.