Call Me a Cab Poster

 Call Me a Cab

As long-time partners in a number of businesses, Harbor Ridge Winery owners Denny and Steve have done their fair share of global travel. One of their more unusual trips took them to India, where the most common mode of travel for visitors is by taxi. As they tell it, every driver they hired seemed completely oblivious to the basic rules of the road, and each time they got in a taxi was a death defying experience. During one especially white knuckle adventure, Steve and Denny promised each other that if they ever survived, they should name one of their wines after those harrowing cab rides in India.

Months later as Harbor Ridge Winery was getting ready to come out with a new Cabernet Franc wine, they remembered their promise to each other, and “ Call Me a Cab “ was born. The label with the old fashioned telephone dial gives a nod to not only Denny and Steve’s cab memories, but the Cabernet Franc grape itself. While it is similar to Cabernet Sauvignon, it is still quite different. Bottom line: it deserves to be called a Cab!

We sell unframed prints of our Call Me a Cab wine label. Print size is 18 x 24; fits any 18 x 24 frame.