Our Wines

"Hell, there are no rules here; we are trying to accomplish something."

-Thomas Alva Edison

Most of the time rules help, but sometimes their lack of flexibility unnecessarily prevents enjoyment, and thwarts creativity.

Take our wines, for instance...

wine bottles in rack We break the rules by blending peculiar flavors to create uncommonly tasty wines. In our original Mademoiselle White, two dry wines are combined with a bit sweeter grape to create a bouquet of refreshing fruit. As far as we can tell, there’s no listing of those three grapes blended together anywhere else.

Our original Knockin’ Heads Red is a good example of taking a red beyond its dry boundaries. This smooth and fruity red blend is sure to become a "go-to wine" for you.

Our original recipe Cherry Crush works carefully with the tartness of the local Montmorency cherry to mellow it for the ultimate taste of Door County.

Harbor Ridge Winery is Door County’s newest winery, but our prowess is bolstered by sharing the same winemaker as the venerable von Stiehl Winery - Wisconsin’s oldest winery With over 25 different wines from the local area, we’re sure to excite and satisfy any palate. In addition to our "break-the-rule-wines," we offer traditional new world style vinifera, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Riesling.

Harbor Ridge wine labels
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