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Wisconsin Cheese Specialist

Jim and Katie's knowledge, passion and tireless efforts bring together these prized, hard-to-find cheeses. We are located in a charming log cabin building just 20 feet from the Harbor Ridge Winery. You deserve to treat yourself to this delicious cheese. You'll also enjoy sharing something so rare with others. Our array of cheeses make for excellent gifts to family, friends or business contacts. It's a gift that not only shows your good taste it's a very unforgettable one. Wisconsin Cheese Masters is "cheese heaven" in enchanting Door County. Visit us, or have us send some of Wisconsin's finest your way. It's taste sensation you just shouldn't live without.

Award-Winning Champion Cheeses
Cheddar • Gouda • Swiss
Blue • Gorgonzola • Goat • Sheep
Colby • Havarti • Gran Canaria
Asiago • Gran Queso
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We only offer the very best of the best Wisconsin cheeses

The great state of Wisconsin has many admirable qualities. One of them is exceptional cheesemaking. Wisconsin Cheese Masters specialty is offering you the most remarkable Wisconsin cheeses that Master, Artisan and Farmstead cheesemakers craft. With over 90 notable cheeses, there are many taste sensations you just shouldn't live without.

Why are our Wisconsin cheeses better than cheeses made anywhere else?

  • Exceptional cheeses are made from superior milk something Wisconsin has a lot of. Home to 1.26 million dairy cows, "America's Dairyland" has an abundance of top-quality milk.
  • Cheese and cheese making has been a way of life in Wisconsin for over 150 years. This experience results in crafting the world's finest cheeses.
  • Wisconsin has more skilled and licensed cheesemakers than any other state. These craftsmen must complete rigorous studies in diary science and cheesemaking before they can be licensed.

Memorable, uncommon cheeses.

They are not mass produced. Rather, they are carefully crafted by hand in small vats. The outcome is rare, unforgettable flavor from robust to delicate. Take our cheddars for example. (We offer 16 of them.) Each has its own complex flavor that ordinary cheddars simply don't have. Whether it's hard, semi-hard or soft cheeses, our exclusive selection will please and impress the palates of both the novice and aficionado.
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